It costs money to keep a website running!


If you decide to buy a featured listing, thats great for you and me, I get funding to keep this site running, and you get advertisment.


However you dont need to buy a featured listing to help, I am am a member of various websites, that will offer bonuses for refered signups, If any of the websites below intrest you please click through and signup using my referal code/link

Carpet Cleaners Directory


When it comes to cashback there is one main company - Quidco


Quidco is a company launched in 2005, the company works by paying you to shop online at your favorite online sites, like Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Moonpig, and other great sites! - Cashback can be paid to your paypal account, straight into your bank account, or you can get your cashback paid out in the form of Amazon vouchers, and if you pick the amazon vouchers Quidco will add 2% to the value of your vouchers.


How does it work?

Companys pay Quidco to refer customers to their sites, Quidco gets this money, takes their cut and passes the rest along to you.


To join either click on the above Quidco banner, or Click Here


Remember you dont have anything to lose, when you shop online why not save some money while you are at it.

Get paid to complete offers, watch videos, answer questionairs!

How It Works!


There are pleanty of sites out there that will pay you to watch videos, complete tasks, download and test mobile apps.

These sites work on a similar basis to the cashback sites, a company might want a product/brand promoting, so they pay the website some money to complete the action, wether its watch a video, answer a survey, download and test an app or anything else. the website then takes a percentage of the money, and then offers their members virtual currency in exchange for completing the actions, then after the member has got enough points they will exchange their points in for rewards!

Swagbucks - One of the most popular websites! - American based but pays UK Amazon vouchers


Swagbucks was launched in 2008, and offers lots of ways of earning rewards, earning opertunities range from searching the internet, to completing surveys, but is not limited to watching videos, playing games, completing tasks. The virtual currency on this website is Swagbucks, you can swap these in for a range giftcards, in both US dollers and UK pounds, the cards include Amazon, Paypal, Itunes, M&S, New look, Pizza Express, And much much more!


To join either click on the above Swagbucks banner, or Click Here